Google Developers
At Google I/O last month, Google introduced a new set of publishing APIs for devlopers which would give them much more control over the distribution of their apps, as well as notifications and improved statistics. Google has announced that the API is now live for developers in the dashboard.

The publishing API allows developers to ‘upload APKs to Beta testing, Staged rollout and Production’. On the Android Developers Blog, it also lists new management tools to manage an apps in-app products catalog, as well as the ability to provide tablet-specific screenshots, and localize your app listing on Google Play with specific text and graphics for each region.

Notifications can now be used, even when you’re not in the Developer Console, with Email alerts now able to be configured for specific instances such as changes to app installs, ratings, and crashes. Google will also show ‘Optimisation Tips’ to let you know when updated versions of APIs your apps use are available, as well as showing game devs which Google Play Games features they can use to integrate into their games.

In terms of data analysis, you can now bulk export reviews from your app listings, as well as check out stats for beta releases and staged rollouts, revenue statistics to help you better understand how to monetise your app and finally Native Crash reporting.

Google has also enabled website verification which will allow ‘Deep Linking’ from search results to your app, to help steer users from search results back into your app.

Lots of goodies for developers there, now get out there and make us some great apps – and Aussie devs, let us know about your great apps too.

Source: Android Developers Blog.