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If you like a bargain, then you’re probably intimately familiar with the yearly release of the ‘Entertainment Book’. If not, the Entertainment book is a book filled with coupons and vouchers for your area to get you discounts and freebies at restaurants and attractions in your area, and it’s now gone digital.

The book costs around $55-$70 per year, depending on the area you live in. Generally the book contains a lot more value, so if you prudently use the vouchers, you’ll cover your costs back.

While you can still just get the book, you will, if my experience is anything to judge by, forget the book/coupon, a digital version on your phone or tablet solves this issue. The Entertainment Book website lists features for the digital version :

  • Show and save using your Apple or Android device, with no Card or Voucher to present
  • Search for nearby businesses in the Entertainment™ program
  • Search for specific businesses by name, location or dining category
  • Share your Membership with your immediate family

The app launched at the end of June, it’s seen mixed results, from 1-5 star ratings, with many people complaining the app just doesn’t work. It’s possible they aren’t using a handset that the app has been tested on. The compatability page for the app lists a variety of handsets that have been approved, and the app is specifically designed for phones and tablets running Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) or higher. The app can be installed on devices not listed below, but your experiences may vary.
Entertainment Book Compatibility:

  • HTC:
    • Desire
    • One (? X Maybe)
    • One M7
    • One M8
    • One Mini
  • LG:
    • G Flex
    • G2
    • Optimus F5
    • Optimus L5
  • Google:
    • Galaxy Nexus
    • Nexus 4 and Nexus 5
  • Samsung :
    • Galaxy Ace 3
    • Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3
    • Galaxy S5,S4, S3, S3 4G, S2
    • Galaxy Express
  • Sony :
    • Xperia SP
    • Xperia Z
    • Xperia Z Ultra
    • Xperia Z
    • Xperia Z1
    • Xperia Z1 Compact

The app listing in Google Play only shows screenshots from iOS (Way to go guys), and the app isn’t unfortunately compatible with the LG G3. But it’s probably very similar looking:

You can check out how the app works in this video :

You can sign up for the Entertainment Book over on their website, and then head on over to Google Play to grab the app.

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    The digital app is very handy bit I’ve had a number of places not know anything about it and question it, some of which it was just easier to not bother redeeming it. On the other hand I’ve had a couple of places that weren’t even interested and not redeem it in the app so I could use it again. yay 🙂

    Clarence Tang

    I went digital this year with the Entertainment Book, and while the app is clunky, it works pretty well for what it’s worth. Much better than forgetting to bring vouchers to dinner!!