Remember when Google dropped the AOSP Gallery app from their stock Android opting instead for the Photos app that is incorporated within Google+? Personally I thought it was annoying.

Sometimes you want to go straight into the Photos app just for the purpose of viewing a photo and the Photos shortcut instead took you to Google+ where you then had to go into the menu and then scroll down to the bottom to find the shortcut to finally get into Photos. We all thought that Google wanted everyone to use Google+ to access any and all Google services, thereby increasing the user base of their own social network, Google+. Now it seems that Google have backflipped on that plan (assuming that was their plan in the first place).

Bloomberg are today reporting that Google are looking to separate the Photos app and Google+, creating each as a standalone app in their own right. The Photos app, as part of Google+, does have it’s own icon within the app drawer but as stated above it often does not directly open the app itself.

We are assuming that Google will, if this report is indeed true, make the Photos app available for download via the Play Store. I am not sure why Google would be separating Photos and Google+ but it has been suggested that it could be to face Instagram head on but for that to be true Photos will need to become an offshoot of Google+ and be a photo-sharing social network app itself.

Whether Google plan to bring any more features to an already extremely useful and innovative app is unknown but we would expect they may as lately they have been making changes that enhance the user experience.

I for one will definitely be glad to have the Photos app divorced from Google+, anyone else?

Source: Bloomberg.
Via: Phandroid.
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Darren Ferguson

I find myself using the gallery app over the photos app. Having photos immediately available instead of having to pull from the web is the reason.

I do love G+ though. The signal to noise ratio is amazing compared to something like Facebook or Twitter.


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