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In a surprise to pretty much no one, Samsung have announced their next Unpacked event that’s got top billing scheduled for September 3rd at IFA in Berlin, Germany. Sammobile show a release sent out by Samsung’s Netherlands branch that has the event at IFA and is almost certain to be the release of the anticipated Galaxy Note 4, the next incarnation of the very successful Galaxy Note range of mobile phones.

With the usual rumours and speculation around the specs and the look of the device, there’s probably not a lot that will surprise people; lets hope Samsung have something special in store.

Are you waiting for the Galaxy Note 4 before you commit to a new device? Whats the killer feature you need to see from Samsung?

Source: Sammobile.
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James Z

im really hoping they can make one version of Note 4 like the youm concept they shown at ces 2013


I have been hopping devices a lot past couple of years and since I got the Note 3 a couple of months ago I have not cared about anything coming out… except the Note 4. I think I’ll be wanting one of them and getting one as soon as I can for a reasonable price. Love my Note 3 so as long as the 4 as a nice big screen and a huge battery to match I’m down. My one gripe with the Note 3 is the camera is almost useless in anything other than amazing light.


I have money put aside already… and i current am using the note 3 🙂


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James Z

my fingers r crossed for Note 4 announcement hopefully 2 versions of Note 4


I feel the same as Steve! I’ve had a lot of Android devices but since getting the Note 3, I’ve haven’t been interested in anything else!
I’m hoping for a nicer looking device with the 3 sided display!
I’m also hoping for the Note 8.0 update!