Moto X (21)
One of the benefits to consumers of having Google purchase Motorola, was that their phones began receiving updates to the latest version of Android fast, in some cases even faster than Nexus phones. This speedy update of phones seems set to continue even with the impending sale to Lenovo. Punit Soni, VP, Product Management at Motorola Mobility has off-handedly confirmed that the Moto X will receive the upcoming Android L release when it’s finally released by Google later this year.

The confirmation came in a roundabout way after Google+ user simply tagged Punit Soni in a post asking if the Motorola Moto X would be receiving Android L. Surprisingly, Soni replied – albeit with a simple ‘Yup’.
Moto X to receive Android L

While having the head of Motorola Mobility’s product division confirm the Android L update for their flagship is great, we’re also still interested on updates for the more modestly price Moto G (as well as the Moto G 4G) and Moto E, maybe try tagging Mr Soni in a comment on Google+ and let us know how you go.

The release of Android L is expected around the end of October/beginning of November – most likely with a brand new Nexus Phone, and possibly a new Nexus tablet. Motorola has been fairly well on-top of the release of new updates, so we should be able to expect an update to Android L pretty soon after Android L hits AOSP. Even though it’s almost 12 months old the Moto X is still a great phone, and at $398, it’s not badly priced, check one out if you haven’t yet.

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Via: Android Central.
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That’s nice. I wish the X was more available at a better price.


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