Pebble - FreshHotFly
What do you do if you see a new platform emerging to take on your product? Announce new colours!! Pebble has this morning announced three more colour choices for their Pebble Smartwatch.

The new colours are described as Fresh, Hot and Fly! Which are more vibrant and eye-catching than their more staid colour choices of Black, Orange, Red, White and Grey. There’s Fly Blue, Hot Pink and Fresh Green on offer for the same price as you’ll pay for a normal Pebble (US$150). Shipping from the GetPebble website to Australia is free – if you don’t mind waiting several week, but if you want more immediate attention, you can pay US$25 for international shipping through DHL and it should be here within 3-5 business days.

Pebble Models

While the new colours are fun, they’re limited. Pebble describes them as a ‘special production run’ which will only be available ‘while stocks last’.

With the new colours, there’s also a new Weather Pebble app from The Weather Channel in the Pebble App Store, which will deliver current weather and forecasts direcly to your wrist.

No word yet on whether Dick Smith will begin selling these limited edition colours in stores locally, but with the limited nature of the FreshHotFly range, it’s probably not likely. Check out the new colours on

Source: Pebble.