It’s not quite BBQ season, but for the high-tech grillmaster amongst you, some new tools are now available for use, with iDevices advising that their Android app, which controls all their iDevices Products, is now available in Google Play.

There’s quite a few devices on offer, iGrill2, iGrill mini, Kitchen Thermometer, & Kitchen Thermometer mini all now compatible, and available for use, from one simple app. The products are generally used to keep a remote eye on the temperature of your food, using a probe which connects to a base unit, but also transmits via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet.

The iDevices Connected app is now available for download, but there is a hardware requirement as well as software to use any of the gadgets. The tools require Bluetooth Low Energy, which also requires Android 4.3 or above, which includes the official Bluetooth LE support for Android.

The app features a range of functionality, including :

  • Easy in-app connection through Bluetooth® Smart 

  • Convenient dashboard to track and manage all of your connected products
  • Select from dozens of presets or create your own custom preset to ensure your dish is cooked perfectly
  • Custom settings let you name your device or probe and set the probe color indicator making keeping track of your devices simple
  • Set timers to keep track of your cooking tasks
  • Share your cooking masterpiece socially through Facebook and Twitter
  • View what others are cooking with the real-time user globe
  • Be inspired by sample recipes from our leading partners
  • User driven app interface allows you to customize your experience

  • Access customer support resources
  • Shop iDevices products directly from the app

Now, it’s not terribly easy to get a hold of iDevices, as they don’t appear to be available at retail in Australia, unless your local Apple store has them in stock. You can order them from a variety of places online, including the iDevices website, Or you can install the app and order directly from within.

Pretty neat little toys, and with Fathers day approaching, it’s something to think about.

iDevices Connected
iDevices Connected
Developer: iDevices, LLC
Price: Free