Moto 360 Charging
The Moto 360 is coming, when? Well, by the end of the US Summer, which could be as late as the 21st of September. Until the actual announcement we haven’t been able to get much information about the Moto 360, but as the launch nears, more details have been coming forth.

Last month, details about the Moto 360 being the first Android Wear device to feature an Ambient Light Sensor – allowing the Moto 360 to automatically control screen brightness based on light conditions – surfaced in a Tech Crunch hands-on video which was taken at Google I/O :

Now, we’re being treated to an almost full review of the Moto 360, which shows quite a few details about the upcoming watch, including a partial list of sensors, which as well as the ambient light sensor, also includes an Optical Heart Rate sensor and Pedometer.

Moto 360 - Pedometer - Wireless Charger - Heart Rate - IP67

This picture of the rear of the watch also confirms that the watch is manufactured from Stainless Steel and carries an IP67 (water and dust resistance) certification. The watch itself is shown in black with a leather strap, which Mr Gadget confirms is interchangeable. Mr Gadget also advised that the watch gets around 2 days of battery life, compared to his G Watch, which he usually only gets a day of usage out of. The watch will be recharged by the dock seen in the title picture which documents from the FCC have previously proven to be a Qi compatible charger.

There’s plenty more pictures of the Moto 360, and dock, at the source. The next thing we need to see is more from Motorola, which will hopefully be an official announcement which includes pricing and availability details.

Does this whet your appetite for the Moto 360? What are you willing to pay for a Moto 360?

Source: AndroidWorld.
Via: Mr Gadget.
Thanks: Nicholas.
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Custom dock, IP67, larger battery, first round screen.

I’d be shocked if this gets delivered for anything under $500, especially given what the Moto X was priced at when it came out.

vijay alapati

the only thing i’m interested in this is the round shape…..if samsung comes up with the rumoured round shape watch with cheaper price. i might ditch 360

Nick Tsiotinos

Still need to know more: What sort of glass does it have? (Gorilla, sapphire, plain glass). Can the battery be replaced? It looks like its going to be around the $399 mark. For $250 – I don’t mind it only lasting the life of the battery, but for $400 I’d like to get more used out of it. Is the wireless charging proprietary – do I need to purchase a number of the fancy wireless chargers – or will a standard Qi standard charger do the trick? Also need to know – processor speed, RAM, Storage etc. No point in… Read more »


The Moto website tells us that it’s a sapphire lens.


Really annoyed that they changed the website to remove that spec.


After seeing these new photos I’m pretty sure that I’ll be buying one, unless the price is excessive. Although if a certain Android website happened to get a review watch and have a competition giving it away, that would be awesome 😉


Has there been any discussion on battery cycles on these wear devices?


Possibly $360… if the 4-5 day battery life is real.then yeah, maybe as much as $360


Custom band. 🙁

Nick Tsiotinos

The band can be changed from what the website says.


$300 is a lot (for me), but lets just say I’d consider it at that price. $399? I’d wait for the price to come down or for second iterations/more suppliers to get involved.

Phillip Molly Malone

Yeah, I think considering the other Watches are at $250, I could go as high as $350 if the features are there (wireless charging and a heart rate monitor would be enough for me).
I wonder if the market is stalled waiting for this to come out. I am going to get one of them (probably the Samsung one if the Moto is too costly although worried about the charging issues mentioned) either way. Be just a matter of is it the Moto or one of the others.