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Sony have had limited success with their Playstation for Android platform. To many of us who have tried it is of no surprise that they have announced that they will no longer be supporting the Android side of Playstation Mobile. It will continue to run on supported devices running 4.4.2 and older. The reason for the change is that Sony say they cannot guarantee that the games will play correctly or the users will even have access to the store.

This means that all phones gaining upgrades to 4.4.3 and newer versions of Android will lose their access to the Playstation store. Those who have used a Sony phone and have experienced Playstation Mobile on an Android device will know that this is no great loss. It was a good initiative in theory but in my opinion was both poorly supported and poorly advertised.

Are you one of the few people who actually used Playstation Mobile on your Android device? Will you miss it?

Source: The Verge.
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That kinda sucks.


Well they did allow any phone to be PlayStation certified.. I thought that was pretty big in itself. According to Wiki only HTC released any certified devices though and I doubt anyone who bought one would’ve even realised…