Vodafone Fasterest Challenge

Vodafone has released a major update to its My Vodafone app for Android, and somehow it snuck its way onto my HTC One M8 without me realising. After being pointed to the possibility of an update, I just had to take a quick look, and I must say, the update is rather fresh.

Sign in simply with your mobile number and password (or you can register pretty easily too) and you get at-a-glance access to your usage, remaining data and included value, as well as the ability to check out less common things such as roaming settings, previous bills, and more. If you’re a Vodafone customer, you’d probably have to be a bit daft not to have this app installed, because it makes staying on top of your usage just too easy.

Vodafone has posted the full list of features on the Play Store listing, which includes:

  • View your account usage and details
  • View your recent bills & payments
  • Recharge a Prepaid Phone
  • Purchase more data
  • Update your account details
  • Manage your International Roaming settings
  • Set up or change Direct Debit information
  • Auto sign-in feature
  • Find your nearest store
  • Contact Vodafone

Check out some screenshots below to see how the new app looks:

If you haven’t updated the app yet, or didn’t know it existed, you can grab it from the Play Store easily:

My Vodafone
My Vodafone
Developer: Unknown
Price: To be announced
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I still don’t understand why Vodefone won’t let me update my contact details either through this app or on the website. The app refresh is certainly welcome otherwise.


they made a major blunder that you have re login every time if your on not coz of security reasons .. BS!!!!

This is really annoying I wish I never updated!!


If you on Wifi


the app is slow to load the different pages, not following design guidelines and not even native. Just compare with the Virgin mobile app and you can see how little effort Vodafone put into arguably the only mobile app they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO RIGHT. Why can’t Vodafone Hutchinson Aus just hire some Android developer who actually knows how to make Android apps? Can’t be THAT hard, right?


Yes I downloaded the Virgin Mobile app for my mum some months back and was blown away. The expectation with such apps (along with apps from banks) is that they will suck. But it doesn’t. Sent that app link to my dad instantly (also a VM user).