Android L

Google has posted updated factory images for the Android L developer preview, which is available today for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 owners.

When we first saw the developer preview posted, we found ourselves wondering whether we’d see updates before the platform’s official launch later this year, and it seems our questions have now been answered. Alongside the launch of the Google Fit SDK, the new build’s arrival — build number LPV81C — sees the integration of Google Fit functionality into the platform preview. What else is new? No one really knows just yet.

We’ll be downloading the new version today ourselves to see what we can see, but if we come across new features ourselves or reported elsewhere, we’ll be sure to let you know.

You can grab the updated images to flash here:

Device Download Checksum
Nexus 5 (GSM/LTE)
hammerhead-lpv81c-preview-15580494.tgz MD5: f3d795fc41fbd993121998caa597477b
SHA-1: 15580494a93f69a33cb5b80a68447cadaa378088
Nexus 7 v2 (Wi-Fi)
razor-lpv81c-preview-93dc3e65.tgz MD5: 101c6e1673f54048ba2eee0c9f9be041
SHA-1: 93dc3e65b1d0809abb6a1bbb322da5fd49741611

If you find that your navigation buttons have disappeared, or your notification shade won’t slide down, check out this fix before flashing so you know how to address it straight away.

Source: Android Developers.
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    Carsten Bauer

    Any idea why there isn’t a 4.4.4 update for the LTE Nexus 7 2013? Or L preview? My Nexus 7 2012 Wifi got the update to 4.4.4.


    Downloaded, flashed and running well. But no idea if there is any good changes. Nothing seems to be visibly new. Anyone else notice anything new?


    Would love to see another article with your impressions and screenshots of the update.

    geoff fieldew

    I am excite. Downloading now.