The latest update to Google+, which has begun updating on devices, has introduced a new feature, it now lets you cast your Google+ stream to Chromecast.

The update(v4.5.0.72928916) adds the now familiar ‘cast’ icon to your Google+ feed, when you connect to a Chromecast on your network you will now see a steady stream of recent posts in your feed. You can’t actually read the posts on your TV, but simply see the rolling stream of header images with headlines transposed atop.

Once you’ve updated Google+, simply hit the Chromecast icon, the app will connect to Chromecast’s on your network and you’re good to go. If you see something on the Chromecast feed you’d like to read, simply pick up your phone and select the post and you can read the full text of the article.

Not bad, but could be better. Still, it means one more thing you can have your Chromecast do instead of those lovely pictures that continually scroll.

Source: Google Play.
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Rane Bowen

This is great!


No longer works on my Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.7 (4.1.2). Error indicating my Tab Android version is out of date and that I need to update. Unfortunately this IS the latest version … disappointing Google!


The only issue I have with casting your screen is that it’s not full screen but still has the Home, Back soft keys visible where as with movies and YouTube it is full screen..