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HTC Update logs show One (M7) & One (M8) to get Android L towards the end of the year

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A HTC company representative as taken to twitter to confirm that the HTC One M8 & M7 will skip the update Android 4.4.4 update, instead will go straight to the Android L update when it’s released..

The representative, VP, Product Management HTC @moversi, has informed LlabTooFeR that the company has incorporated the latest bug fixes and updates in the Android 4.4.3 update, instead of the Android 4.4.4 release.


Based on the screen cap of the update schedule for various HTC devices below, it would seem the company will instead look to update the One M8 & M7 to Android L when it becomes available.

HTC Excel Android L update

European M7 device should receive next 4.4.3 update in 1-2 weeks. At the same time there is no clear information regarding HTC One Mini and HTC One Max. Regarding newest devices that were released in 2014, all devices should get 4.4.3 before the end of September.

Whilst we would like to known when the Android L update will be available for not only HTC devices but all Android devices, this is certainly good news to see HTC committing to update their flagship devices to the next biggest firmware update.

What do you think of HTC not updating their One M7 & M8 to Android 4.4.4 but wait until Android L becomes available? Do you think this is a smart move by HTC?

Source: LlabTooFeR.

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Ausdroid Reader

HTC has traditionally been very slow on updates, so if they can get L in the next couple of months (assuming it is released in the next few weeks) then that would be a very good thing. The M7 is still a very good phone.

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