Pebble has released a firmware update that’s going out to users’ devices, bringing the watch to version 2.4. The update seems to be a maintenance release and is said to fix a number of bugs and annoyances reported by users. If you’re building apps for Pebble, there are a few new features in the SDK.

You should get a notification from the Pebble companion app on your phone when the update’s available, but if not you can search for it manually through the app under Support > Check for updates.

the full list of changes and fixes include:

  • Fix a potential crash when using scroll layers or animations
  • Added support for realloc
  • Added a gbitmap_create_blank function to create empty bitmaps of a fixed size
  • Added number_window_get_window()
  • Fixed a crash with atan2_lookup when high input values were used
  • Fixed a bug where TupletInteger could not be used with unsigned integers
  • Fixed several bluetooth reliability issues
  • Fixed a case where the “Setup notifications” banner would erroneously show in the iOS Pebble app
  • Fixed a bug with the music app where media playing faster than real time could not be paused
  • Fixed a bug where the notifications view could show a rapidly increasing counter for number of notifications when first displayed
  • Fixed a bug where switching watchfaces could cause the same watchface to be relaunched

What do you think of the new Pebble firmware? Has it fixed any bugs for you? Tell us in the comments!

Via: Android Central.
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Good timing for all the Pebbles that Nathan Fillion sold for charity during NerdHQ.