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Real-estate classified site Domain has released an update to their native Android app, to take advantage of Android Wear.

The update comes on the back of some other updates including a refined new look and a new option to streamline sign-ins, with options to use both Google+ and Facebook credentials to setup an account. Once you’re signed in, you can save searches for properties in areas and it’s these notifications which will start showing up on your wrist. The update is fairly rudimentary in this initial phase, with the update allowing you to see a notification with the total number of search results available. You can swipe to the left and receive an option to Open the results on your phone.

Damon Pezaro, Product Director of Domain said,

This makes the search for property that much more effective as it reduces the friction in searching for a new home. Property seekers don’t have to remember to go online and repeat their search over and over or rely on checking for email alerts. As soon as a new listing in their target search area becomes live, they get a notification on their smart watch, they then follow the link to their phone and send an enquiry to the listing agent. There is a real immediacy with this technology.

The app has been developed by the Domain Group after their developers returned from Google I/O, with beta testing showing a promising 40% click-through on search results showing on Android Wear. Domain is the first Australian based property app to include wearable support, with Mr Pezaro, further promising that there’s more to come.

Check it out, the app is now live in Google Play.

Source: Google Play.
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    I was in househunting mode a few months back. (Came to the conclusion I couldn’t afford it). I was using the app. It was fine, but not pro-active enough.

    How about this? An app that monitors your location. Occasional blips to your GPS. And when you are within 100 metres of a property, it pops up an alert. Direction to walk/drive there. Price (I know, the prices are criminally under what they will accept). Basic facts such as number of bedrooms. Auction date.


    It’d be nice if they actually fixed the existing bugs first.