Foxtel, has this morning announced that they intend to slash the price of their movie streaming price in half, bringing the price down to a relatively small $9.99 per month.

The price will come into effect this Sunday, the 17th of August, and offers a no lock-in contract way to access to some of the largest movies out there. Titles such as Captain Phillips, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Pacific Rim and We’re the Millers are already available to stream on the service, and more hits such as Thor: The Dark World, Delivery Man are set to join the service shortly.

Presto offers options to view the movies on PC/Mac, as well as on Chromecast and selected Android tablets, or obviously iOS devices. It’s got most of the platforms covered – sorry Windows Phone – so you’re set to watch movies wherever and whenever you want, albeit in 480P resolution.

This is Foxtel’s play to attempt to get people to start streaming local content, instead of heading towards Netflix, which you’ll probably be paying around $16 per month for. Obviously you get TV series with Netflix, but it’s not a bad start for Foxtel, they just need to add more content (TV Shows), as well as offering HD resolution streaming at some stage.

It’s a decent offer, and if you’re not wanting to get into the legally murky waters – it’s not technically illegal, it’s merely against Netflix’s terms and conditions – of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, then it’s something you should look at. If you want to sign-up (remember it’s a no lock-in contract on a month to month basis), then head over to the Presto website.

Source: Presto.
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    How much was the Presto sub previously?


    Double.. 19.95.


    Is it still that crappy SD resolution?

    What is this? 1999?

    In the age when Netflix is offering everything in high-bitrate 1080p and some things in 4K, Presto is a laughing joke.


    Netflix is still US$7.99 a month, which comes to around AU$9. Slightly cheaper than Presto, AND with TV Series support, I know where my vote is going instead.


    $8.99 (A$9.65) for new members.
    Plus the SmartDNS cost (A$3.99)
    So A$13 in total.

    Mind, I still agree its a better bet than Foxtel.

    Mr Jones

    Any chance Presto might add some titles for all growd-ups ?


    Last I checked it’s still only compatible with a very small selection of Android devices, although a good number of them are Nexus. My HTC One (M7) wasn’t even supported when I checked earlier in the week. 🙁

    Kind of poo considering I activated my 30-day trial that came with my Chromecast, but I can’t actually stream to it from any of my devices (PC or phone).


    Hmm good tip. I have the HTC M7 too :