Google Search
Australia is a multi-cultural nation, so there’s a very good chance that someone you speak to can speak more than one language. Android has had options for changing language for voice search, but it appears that Google isn’t happy with that arrangement and is updating search with support for simultaneous voice search in multiple languages.

‘Ok Google’ hotword detection is still limited to English, but you can now add up to 5 languages to your voice search options. The new update will allow for simultaneous search in multiple languages, meaning you won’t have to jump into settings, change your language and continue.

While you can have up to five, you will probably still want to retain a ‘primary’ language, which you can do by long-pressing on the language of your choice.

The rollout is apparently slow, with only some users showing results for the update in their search settings. You can check your settings by opening Google Now and going to the settings menu, let us know if you’re seeing the update.

Source: Android Police.