While we all enjoy a good laugh at the opposition, Samsung’s advertising really hasn’t progressed much from the juvenile jabs they’ve taken at their competitors since The next big thing is here. The latest campain has flowed on from comments by the Blackberry CEO John Chen who referred to iPhone users as “Wall Huggers” due to their inadequate batteries in their iPhones and constant need to just top up at every opportunity.

The sledgehammer subtle, yet likely low cost advertising has clearly piggybacked on this at power plugs in some airports around the USA stating

Samsung Galaxy S5 with Ultra Power Saving Mode, so you have the power to be anywhere but here

Galaxy S5 Power Point Advertising - Image from CNET

While it’s really not subtle, or kind to Apple’s now ageing iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 communities I admit I did giggle a little at this one. We’ll see who gets the last laugh after the iPhone 6 announcement in a few weeks time, until then I say: Well Played Samsung.

Is this clever advertising our flat out trolling from Samsung? Share your opinion with us

Source: Cnet.
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    Phil set dictionary to English. It’s a cam pain not a campaign.