Android Silver has been rumoured since the middle of the year, apparently slated to be a higher end version of the Nexus program sold through carriers and retailers. The Android Silver program was apparently being headed up by former Google Chief Business Officer, Nikesh Arora who recently left for Softbank and was apparently stalled as of the last ‘update’ on Silver, but according to TK Tech News, the program may not be dead, with the first Android Silver device to be the so-called Nexus ‘Shamu’ from Motorola, released as the Moto S.

TK Tech News, run by former NHL player, TK O’Connor, tweeted a picture of a list of specs purportedly from the Nexus 6 (Shamu) from Motorola. The specs match up with what appeared on Antutu the other day, with the shot showing a 2560×1440 resolution display, Snapdragon 805 processor with Adreno 420 GPU, 13MP Rear Camera and running Android L. He went on to say that the phone would have a 2.1MP Front-facing camera and a 5.2″ display.

TK believes that the phone will be released as the Moto S on Verizon, rather than a Nexus branded phone, under the Android Silver program. Since making the assertion has gone on to obtain a picture of a screen protector, with Moto S emblazoned across the front, which he believes is for the same phone.
Moto S Screen Protector

The screen protector has some consistencies with the look of Motorola phones coming out in the near future – namely the Moto X+1, with the cut-outs at top and bottom seemingly for front facing speakers.

It’s still somewhat of a reach, but TK believes it. If true, what this means for the rest of the world is uncertain. Here at Ausdroid, we believe that the Nexus program will continue as-is at least outside the US. It is entirely possible however that Google may trial a Nexus phone rebranded as Android Silver for Verizon in the US. Google and Verizon have had a somewhat tenuous relationship over the years, there were issues with updates being delivered to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, the Verizon LTE Nexus 7 (2013) had a massively delayed launch and recently Verizon dropped support for the Verizon supplied LTE plan for the Chromebook Pixel.

It’s been suggested – by AndroidCentral – that Telstra could run a line of Android Silver devices, but we’ve heard no such rumblings, although it’s plausible given that Telstra were the only carrier to carry the Nexus 5 this time around.

At this stage, it’s still a rumour, so speculate away in the comments – is the Nexus ‘6’ or whatever Google decide to call the next Nexus phone be released as an Android Silver device or still be Nexus branded?

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Smashed my trusty GNex last week by accident and the timing was kinda perfect, however aint prepared to have a phablet. 5.2″ is about my limit – OnePlus, albeit hard to get, was too large for my liking. Rumors of 6+ hurts.


The one thing that freaks me out about the Silver program potentially taking over the Nexus program is the price… I have been a Nexus fan for years, but always skip a Nexus generation, buying a new Nexus every two years (roughly). I currently have a Nexus 4, and was really looking forward to getting the Nexus 6. But if the Nexus 6 (or ‘Silver’ 1?) is over $450, I won’t even bother looking at it.

Elliot Kotis

All highly doubtful. I don’t believe this for several reasons: They said the nexus line wouldn’t be dropped, if it is the moto s, it is technically dropping the name. Back when android silver was a almost certain thing, the most “confirmed” rumor was LG would be the first android silver. Last but not least Nexus…on Verizon, that is just a joke. Android Silver will either be a US only thing, and nexus will continue or it will replace gpe and be world wide, with nexus continuing, so I believe google that the nexus brand will stay, seems silver is… Read more »

Iain Simmons

I don’t know how it is for people in other places, but I’ve started hearing more people consider the Nexus 5 as a great value option when previously it seemed like Android only meant the latest Samsung Galaxy S phone, and the iPhone was the only other valid option for a smartphone. Having the Nexus 5 in Telstra stores is kind of a big deal here, though it may not seem like it to the majority of Ausdroid readers. I have to wonder why Google would want to try and push another brand/line when they’re finally getting the Nexus line… Read more »


All this is giving me a headache.

Will Dutton

Whatever happens you get the feeling theres going to be a twist in the story don’t you.


Moto S being more capable than MotoX+1 ??

This still seems really wrong to me. Either the Nexus6/Moto S will be stupidly expensive, or the specs will switch (which would make the new phone pretty much the same as the old Nexus 5).

As it stands, why would you buy a MotoX+1 if the Moto S had a faster processor, more memory, a higher res screen, and cost less?