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LG has had their G Watch on the market for less than two months, but a new report is positing that LG could be ready to release a sequel very soon. According to a report in the Korea Times, LG could be taking the G Watch 2 to IFA next month.

‘An official at LG’ told the Times, that LG has paired up with their internal divisions: LG Display, LG Innotek and LG Chem, to improve on the G Watch and it may be making an appearance at IFA. The source seemed certain that the G Watch 2 would be at IFA, but whether it will make a public appearance or not is not certain.

The G Watch 2 would feature an OLED display, as opposed to the IPS Display of the G Watch, but will again be powered by a Qualcomm made processor, as the LG made Odin-branded processors aren’t quite ready for market as yet.

While LG understandably declined to comment on the rumours, the official did say that LG was meeting with watch manufacturers to discuss strategic partnerships.

LG Electronics is being approached by a lot of authoritative watchmakers for strategic collaboration. They need us and LG also wants to use their well-known brand image to boost the awareness of our smartwatches in key target markets

LG has the scale to produce a follow up to the LG G Watch quite quickly, it’s now a question of whether the market can bear the influx of new models of wearables in such a short time-frame. Of course a nice round LG G Watch 2 with some elegant design would definitely be welcome, but how many G Watch owners would be happy with that so close to launch?

Source: Korea Times.
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I generally don’t mind the perils of being an early adopter, but seeing my device be replaced within 2 months would certainly annoy the shit out of me.


Everyone who is worrying about LG debuting the G Watch 2, at IFA in 2 months time, stop and THINK for a moment.
How often do you hear at a major trade show, that a debuting device is going on shelf right away? Usually the device debuts at the show, where folks learn it’s wait another few months till it’s ready to go on sale.


I never really buy into this belief that an upgrade coming out soon after launch somehow leaves the previous owners in the lurch. They bought the best product that met their needs at that time. Hindsight is 20:20, if the G Watch wasn’t good enough then they shouldn’t have bought it.


It’s not that the G-Watch is no good, it’s moreso that if consumers knew that a superior product was due in 2 months, they may have held off on getting the G-Watch and just gotten the G-Watch 2.

Granted this happens with phones all the time on a yearly cycle, however 2 months is quite a short time period


So glad I didn’t pull the trigger on the G-Watch.

For those that did….ouch.


Considering they said (I read somewhere..) that they wanted a heart rate sensor but didn’t have enough time and that the Moto 360 has a HR sensor then I think that’s a given. They put their cards on the table early and just got something out for launch. Now they are about to have a wave of competition and the G watch will be outdated and overpriced by the likes of ASUS and others. They need to have something comparable on the market. You think phones iterate quickly on a yearly cycle? There’s no reason watches couldn’t be a 6… Read more »

Darren Ferguson

I would feel burned if I’d had bought the first one. I wonder what they’ve developed in the additional few months that they are confident enough to release another one.

I was kind of bummed when the original Nexus 7 got it’s storage doubled after I’d gotten one.


MAN! I knew I should have avoided getting the G3 + Watch Bundle from Vodafone. Already want the Note 4 and now this. Sad panda.