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Bingham Cup Poster

The Bingham Cup, is a biennial international, non-professional, gay rugby union tournament, and this year it’s being held in Sydney. With 9 days to go until Sydney’s team, the Sydney Convicts, takes part along with teams from 15 other countries, an app has been released to Google Play.

The free app, allows users to follow the news, results and fixtures from the 2014 Bingham Cup, basically helping keep visitors and supporters up to date on the everything going on during the Bingham Cup.

The cup runs from 24th to 31st of August at 4 world-class ovals in Woollahra and Lyne Park, in Rose Bay.

You can click the link to download the app from Google Play. If you wish to find out more about the Bingham Cup, you can click here. You can also find out more about Sydney’s all gay rugby team, Sydney Convicts here.

Bingham Cup 2014 App
Bingham Cup 2014 App
Source: Bingham Cup 2014.
Via: Google Play - Bingham Cup 2014.

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