Look Behind
We’re seeing more and more uses for Android Wear every day. Having a secondary screen on your wrist, connected to your phone is quite handy for notifications and getting information, but it is afterall a full colour LCD or AMOLED screen, so why not activate your camera and stream video to it?

LookBehind turns your Android Wear watch into the viewfinder for your camera. You load the app – and turn the camera on your phone on – from your watch. The screen on your phone remains off to conserve power, but your camera is active, you can Zoom in and out by swiping up and down on your watch screen, or toggle the flash on and off or rotate the screen 90° from on-screen buttons.

It’s quite handy to have, and works at a not too bad range, allowing me to walk into the room next door and use my phone as a video baby monitor complete with flash. Of course you can also use it to stick your phone down the back of the couch – complete with flashlight – or up into the roof cavity, basically anywhere you can think of using a remote camera.

It’s available now in Google Play for $1.07, and is an interesting little app. Check it out now – and don’t lets use it for creepshots!

LookBehind for Wear
LookBehind for Wear
Developer: Pixtogram
Price: $0.99
Source: Google Play - LookBehind.