We all know Evan Blass has retired from the leaks game, but as one last hurrah, he’s thrown out a retirement gift, press renders of the Moto X+1 for Verizon.

With a launch expected to be only weeks away, the PR department at Motorola and various carriers in the US are ramping up for it, creating press renders, and it’s only natural that at least one will leak. Here we see the Moto X+1, with its large front-facing speakers and a wooden back plate. The picture also shows off an overly large ring around a massive camera lens, as well as a massive Motorola logo on the back.

The top appears to have the same wedge as the Moto X, with a centre mounted 3.5mm headphone jack.

Spec wise we last saw the Moto X+1 dropping past GFXBench with a 5.2″ 1920×1080 resolution display, with 2GB RAM, 10GB Storage, 12MP Rear Camera with AF, Flash and 2MP Front-Facing Camera. The processor is still unclear but a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 wouldn’t be out of place.

While Verizon branded, Motorola has proven with the Moto G and Moto E that they can do a decently fast global rollout and we hope the Moto X followup will be rolled into the Australian market quite quickly.

As a parting gift to Evan, why not head across to the IndieGoGo page and support Evan in his retirement? If all the people who enjoyed his leaks gave a $1, we’d be at the goal now.

Source: Evleaks.


  1. Looks nice. Hope this gets a simultaneous worldwide release, unlike what was done for the Moto X. Would have been an easy upgrade from my Nexus4, but I don’t think I want anything larger than what I already have.

  2. So is this the reference device for the Nexus 6? I heard Moto were picked to make the new Nexus phone.

    Specs aren’t too bad. About on par with other flagships. If this was the Nexus 6, I wouldn’t be disappointed. Though were did hear some pretty wild specs a while back with Snapdragon 805, 3gb ram, etc.

    Well whatever. If the N6 is based of this, it’s not too bad. Just hope it looks better than this Moto X+1….yuck.