The none-too subtle advertising; Labelling iPhone users as “wall huggers” that hit some USA airports a couple of weeks ago, has now hit Australian shores in video format.

The advert that runs for a full minute has 3 good jabs and a right cross at the users of ageing iPhones, showing scores of users “tethered to walls” and complaining about the battery life of their phones. Until the lightbulb moment for one user who sees a Samsung user changing batteries.

The timing is right for Samsung to strike now before the launch of the new iPhone which is expected shortly after IFA only next week; convert them now before it’s too late and they’re locked into another iPhone for another 2 years.

Clever advertising, or blatant trolling; Help us decide.

Source: Samsung Australia YouTube.
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    Matthew Wolstenholme

    I don’t care for Samsung’s phones, but that’s a good ad IMO