The folks over at TK Tech News have been receiving quite a few Nexus X leaks lately with yet another leak arriving today. Just like the leak the other day where Dan was very sceptical of the authenticity of the image I also have misgivings about the image today.

Firstly, let’s imagine that the leak today is authentic. The image shows a 64GB Nexus X available for pre-order from a European site for €449.99, only €30 more than the 32GB version apparently. Once again the image lists the Nexus X as coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7GHz and a 13.1MP rear camera. The difference between this image and the last one is that this one lists the screen size as 5.2in when the 32GB version leak the other day had a 5.3in display. The 32GB version runs on Android version Lemon Meringue Pie 5.0 whereas the 64GB version apparently runs Android Lemon Meringue 5.0.

64GB Today
64GB Today
32GB Two Days Ago
32GB Two Days Ago

The differences in the screen size, the description of the Android version and also the difference in the symbols before the size of the memory in each device in my opinion point to these as being dubious at best. As much as I would love for these leaks to be real I find them hard to believe. Who doesn’t want a 64GB Nexus phone? Hopefully in the end I will be proven wrong. Latest rumour is that the next Nexus phone will arrive around Halloween. Stay tuned to Ausdroid for all the latest Nexus leaks, rumours and news.

As with the leak the other day I would be taking the one today with a rather large grain of salt but as always feel free to form your own judgement of the above leaks and let us know in the comments below.

Source: TK Tech News.
Thanks: Fez Spencer.
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    The price differential itself isn’t particularly surprising. OnePlus dropped their 32GB model from their range because it would cost them almost as much to make as the 64GB, after all.


    Ausdroid staff – if you’re going to make an article about every single thing this TK Tech News site reports, then just please have a link permanently to the side somewhere.


    evleaks has ‘retired’, I wish this muppet would too

    TheBagging Man

    TK is a very reliable source! Of he’s posting it’s legit!


    Fake indeed. On the picture on the right the person who did that forgot to change the reference to Nexus 5…

    The One

    Of course it is fake, This is show how easy to manipulate media by creating false rumors with fake images.

    The One

    For example