PlusUs - LifeStar
PlusUs, the Australian company behind LifeLink, the world’s thinnest, most compact smartphone cable, has announced they are now taking pre-orders for a more premium USB charge cable called the LifeStar.

The tangle-free cables are covered by a lifetime warranty and are available in braided and stitched look in denim and PU leather (a man-made leather), with double stitching holding the material in place around the cable. The cables are finished with matching coloured PVC into an aluminum connectors.

There’s two sizes available – 1 metre or 25 centimetre – which support up to 2.4amp charging with microUSB or Apple MFi certified Lightning adapter tips in 7 styles: Vintage Tan, Denim Blues, Cross Turquoise, Snake Bite, Ruby Sunset, Moonlight Silver and Fuzzy Mocha.

Plans for making the cables available at retail are currently underway, but at this stage, LifeStar cables are only available to pre-order from the PlusUs website. Pricing is variable depending on the material, adapter and length, with some cables already sold-out. PlusUs expects orders to begin shipping in October.

The cables look great – that Vintage Tan is going to have a permanent home on my desk – but they appear to be selling out insanely fast, so head over to the PlusUs website now and get your order in.

Source: PlusUs.
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    Update 4 December 2014
    The cables are here!


    Third update, December 2014. Finally, an email to say my LifeStar cables are shipping. I hope anyone else who ordered has also gotten such an email. The email I received is below, and I have broken the tracking URL in the email, so this post can be seen: Hi name, Your Lifestar charging cable has shipped. Your tracking number is: 0055XXXXXXXxx If your tracking # looks like RXXXXXXXXXXCN, you have purchased the registered shipment option and you will be able to track your package using the following link. http:// www dot sendfromchina dot com/track/track/tracking However, if your tracking # is… Read more »


    Second update, nearly a month an a half after my previous one.
    October 2014 has come and gone, and there is still no sign of any word about possible order completion from this mob.


    The first update to my order placed back in August, and it’s not good.
    Anyone else cop this email today?


    Thank you for your order of LifeStar Micro USB.

    When your order
    was made you would have noted that it was scheduled to ship on the 15th
    September 2014. The current and more recent orders are now scheduled to
    ship sometime in October 2014.

    The overwhelming demand for the
    product has resulted in some delays in production. We are currently
    working hard to prepare the extra materials required to go to final

    We apologize for the delay.

    Daniel Tyson

    Jeni, can you forward that through to me? daniel at ausdroid dot net


    Dan, apart from clipping off my RL name, that was the full raw text from the body of the email.


    Having a look at the website, right now, they are still taking orders, and publicly displaying an October 15th shipment on the main page.
    quoted from their main page:

    Monthly stock availability limited due to handcrafted production.
    Order early for October 15th shipment – while stocks last


    Dan, has my forwarded email shown up in your inbox yet?

    Be careful

    Sad thing is these guys get a lot of coverage on international tech sites and are referred to as an Aussie tech company. Doesn’t reflect well on other Aussie start ups trying to break through Internationally. Maybe Daniel can do an investigative report into the company and whether it is legit?

    Phill Edwards

    What’s gong on here? First a glowing article from Daniel about this company and its cables. Then there’s a whole load of bad feedback from people who haven’t received their orders after months, and then an admission from Daniel that he’s in the same boat. Daniel, don’t you think that side of things would have been pertinent to the article. Why would you encourage your readers to buy when you know there’s a massive fulfillment problem?


    Daniel, do you even have a sample or are simply reviewing vapourware here? I’m still waiting on the lifelink. Excuses after excuses…Credibility = 0 at the moment for PlusUs. As far as I can see here, it is basic crowd funding – I don’t think they have collected enough of our money to begin manufacturing. A deceitful company.

    Daniel Tyson

    Sample is on its way. I too am waiting on my LifeLink Cable. More on that coming soon.


    Same here never got my life link. They are still advertising it but they can’t produce even produce the micro USB version because of missing apple connectors (production chains are linked apparently)

    Damien Xenos

    Leaving production delays aside these are some seriously expensive cables.

    Be Careful

    I cancelled my pre-order for the lifelong months ago. If you followed their excuses for non delivery of any products despite taking pre-orders as far back as October last year, you would have to be very suspicious of this business (and by the way, try to find out where you would pursue those behind the website to recover your money!). Ausdroid should investigate this business before promoting yet another pre-order product.

    David Jones

    I ordered my 4 Lifelink Micro USB cables on 3rd January for “summer delivery” and I am still waiting. Latest reason for delay, “ä world-wide shortage of Apple Lightning connectors”. They apparently make Apple Lightning and Micro USB connectors in the same manufacturing process. I find that absolutely bizarre. That completely misunderstands manufacture to order paradigm that is the prefered means of manufacturing.

    Lucas Buchanan

    I’ll be surprised if they ship my lifelink pre order before October..


    You missed something important. The current 2 for the price of 1 offer they have going.

    Buy ANY 2 cables, and the cheaper one is free.
    The offer can only be used for 1 pair of cables per customer.

    I’m pouncing on a 1m Blue turquoise and a 1m Snake