Moto 360 - Yatango
Yatango, the company who just purchased electronics importer Mobicity, has just begun offering pre-orders for the Motorola Moto 360, in anticipation of a launch in the first couple of weeks of September.

The product page is essentially a place-holder – they advise that information is based on rumours in their Overview of the watch – but you can actually pre-order the watch. The Moto 360 is available to pre-order from Yatango in either Black or Silver, with a price premium being placed on the Silver version. The Black version will cost $344.95 while the Silver is slightly more expensive at $364.95.

Pricing is at least a $100 above what it appears stores will sell the watch for in the US, but the price may change after the product is launched. The Moto 360 will be imported so the price also includes a local warranty, offering peace of mind.

Yatango, expect stock to be released on the 9th of September, but aren’t sure on when stock will be available for shipping. We’re no closer to getting details on when the watch will officially launch here in Australia, nor at what price it will launch at. The closest we can get is that the Moto 360 will launch here by Christmas.

If todays announcement of the G Watch R hasn’t swayed you from the Moto 360, and you want to get in early head on over to Yatango to place a pre-order.

Source: Yatango.
Thanks: Alberto.
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Matt Booth

So I ordered one from Yatango after failing to get one via Motorola US website and Google Play US. Yes it costs a bit more, but worth it considering how difficult it is to source elsewhere.


Anyone preordered one? Does it charge the full amount at checkout or not? Thanks

Lucas Buchanan

It would charge the full amount.

Phillip Molly Malone

This makes me excited! Should come in under my ceiling for the device! I just hope it comes out in Australia day one!
PS: the online chat expects ship date to be the 9th September.