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If you’re like me and where in a previously an iPhone user but have since moved over to Android and love photo editing but have found it hard to find a photo editing app that adds wonderful texts and stamps over your photo’s, then you’re in for good news as the popular iOS photo editing app, Over, has become available to purchase on Google Play.

The app, which is available to purchase for $2.14 on Google Play, does come with the basic fonts and artwork stamps however if you need additional fonts and artwork stamps, these can be purchased for an additional amount, with some pricing varying upon the type of additional pack you wish to purchase.

Aaron Marshal, CEO and chief designer of Over has stated that “People were getting aggressive, demanding an Android version. It got so intense that I wondered if we might get death threats,” and that “We are witnessing the rise of a new kind of creative, the Mobile Creative. These users are freedom junkies, they don’t want to be tied to computers, they want the freedom to make anything, everywhere, fast.”

Over does work on any device that runs Android 4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich) and and up. Looking over at the description details on Google Play, the app so far there have been between 10,000 – 50,000 downloads with a 4.3 star average rating.

Over for Android includes the following:

  • access to dozens of beautiful fonts
  • several Over exclusive fonts
  • useful illustrations from renowned artists
  • full resolution exporting
  • precision text editing
  • line and character spacing
  • text and artwork rotation
  • transparency adjustment
  • text nudging
  • multiple sharing options

If you wish to check out Over photo editing app, just simply click the link to download the app from Google Play below:

Developer: Over
Price: $5.68+
Source: Made With Over.
Via: Google Play Over App.

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Other various interests Alex has include, Accessible transport for people with disabilities along with LGBTIQ and Health related fields and interests for again for people with disabilities.

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Dave Belling
Dave Belling

Or PicsArt or Phonto, which let you use your own True Type fonts…


That first sentence/paragraph is really awkward.

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