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The Moto X+1 should be unveiled later this week, in an event where we fully expect to see the Moto G2, as well as the Moto 360 finally unveiled as well. We’ve seen leaks of the phone over the last couple of months, and today is no different, with the Moto X+1 showing up with a wooden back.

TK from TK TechNews, has obtained two pictures of the phone, which has a white front as well as a wooden rear, in what appears to be Bamboo. TK has advised that the over-sized Motorola Logo will act as a power button, which if you check the pictures below, appears to be missing, although the volume rocker remains. Also embedded in the phones rear is a hidden flash module in the ring around the camera lens.

When the Moto X+1 launches, the Moto Maker service will go to both Verizon and AT&T in the US – however, frustratingly no information regarding international plans for the phone are available. The Moto Maker service will offer a range of different materials for the rear including the Wooden and Plastic rears we know and introducing Leather and Denim, with a Carbon Fibre back being offered later this year.

We’ll know more later this week, hopefully with local release dates, stay tuned.

Source: TKTechNews.
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Adrian Mace

Why does that look like a 720p resolution?

Joshua Hill

Good call, that home screen doesn’t look like a 1080p display. Maybe it’s just compression of the image provided?