Following hot on the heels of the Xperia Z3 Compact leak we published yesterday, it looks like the bigger brother, the Sony Xperia Z3, is making an appearance by showing off its specs as well as a few leaked photos from (presumably) a product information session:

The specifications, according to the leaked pictures, are as follows:

5.2” 1080p FHD IPS display
sRBG 130%
TRILUMINOS Display, X-Reality for mobile
600cd brightness

Camera and video
4K video capture and output
1/2.3” 20MP Exmor RS
ISO: 12800 photo / 3200 video
2MP Exmor R front camera

Stereo Speakers Digital Noise Cancelling HP (HeadPhone) support
Hi-Res Audio
Dual Output
Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE HX)

MSM8974AC 2.5GHz Quad Core
16GB eMMC internal storage
Micro SD card slot
Charging pin with magnet

Black, White, Copper

146.5mm x 72.4mm x 7.5mm

154 grams

3100mAh battery
Sony STAMINA mode with 2.0 day stamina

Durability & Design
IP55/IP58 dust proof & water proof

MHL 3.0



Source: Xperia blog.
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Really struggling to see what’s different between this and the Z2. So they have bumped the SoC from 8974AB to 8974AC. That’s a a bump from 2.3 Ghz to 2.5 Ghz. Big deal! Most of the time the CPU is thermally throttled anyway.

Everything else, the screen, the battery, the camera, is the same.

If Sony wanted to compete on the bleeding edge, this phone needed to have Snapdragon 805, a 1440p screen and LTE-A. That’s bleeding edge right now. This spec, might have come from 9 months a go really.


Sony are on a 6 month update cycle, so the real spec bump that you’ve got there won’t come until the Z4 ~ March 2015. I personally wouldn’t sweat about a 1440p screen or even the S805 – I’d rather have the battery life.


Funny you mention battery life because the Z3 has a 100mAh smaller battery than the Z2, lol.

Those Sony engineers must have worked long and hard to come up with this device. I commend Sony for putting in the extra effort in rebranding the Z2.

geoff fieldew

Agreed, I wouldn’t care about upping the display resolution but the SD 805 is the part that you want in an upcoming flagship, even though it’s still a 28nm part. I’m looking forward to SoCs built on a 20nm process like the 808 & 810. There’s some great battery savings to be had there.


That is an awesome phone. Granted, only a very minor bump on the Z2 – perhaps the main improvement will be ergonomics. Just give me timely Android updates and the best camera software on a phone and I’m sold (no mean feat considering the absolute torrent of phone choices at the moment).