With Motorola’s product launch underway, we’ve finally got official launch information for the device.

The Moto 360 will be available in three models: light stainless steel with a gray or stone leather band or dark stainless steel with a black leather band. Price is US $249, available at Google Play, or Best Buy.

If you’re disappointed that the metal band hasn’t made the cut, don’t despair – Android Central reports that a metal band will be included with a new model priced at $299 later in the year. You’ll also be able to buy it separately.

The question of Australian availability has been answered – although perhaps somewhat disappointingly – by Motorola’s Australian PR: later this year, with pricing and timing to be announced. The race is on now to see whether LG can beat Motorola to market here with the G Watch R.

Motorola’s Moto 360 site also has a full spec list:

Available models
1. Light stainless steel case + gray Horween leather band
2. Dark stainless steel case + black Horween leather band
3. Light stainless steel case + stone Horween leather band

Smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher

Operating system
Android Wear™

1.56″ 320 x 290, 205ppi
Backlit LCD
Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Watch case dimensions
46mm diameter by 11.5mm high

Leather band model: 49g

All day (mixed use)
Wireless charging with charging dock included


4GB internal storage + 512MB RAM

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Optical heart rate monitor (PPG)

Water resistance

Single physical button
Vibration motor
Dual microphones

Are you excited for the Moto 360? Will you import one at US $249? Tell us in the comments!

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Martin Dolan

Not sapphire crystal… I’ll pass… Let’s hope the metal band version has a sapphire screen


My Martian watch has a sapphire crystal lens,… which is cracked. Sapphire isn’t indestructible. A laminated Gorilla Glass 3 screen might actually be better.

Martin Dolan

Iv’e had a Seiko for about 15 years with a sapphire lens, the stainless steel body is scratched to hell. even with a magnifying glass I cant see a single scratch on the lens. Im an artist and work with grit, metal and all sorts of stuff. I’m not saying Sapphire won’t break, it will. You just have to try *very* hard to do it. The harder something gets, the easier it would be to shatter it. But it’s next to impossible to SCRATCH it though. I want to see someone put sapphire and Gorilla glass 3 in a sand… Read more »


My consumer itch is begging to be scratched but it’s still a 1.0 product. I can live without a 360 for a year and wait for the app store to be a bit more robust, get some updates, and drastically improve battery in the next version. I have a mechanical watch I really love and I don’t need to worry about battery… ever. A smartwatch should comfortably last a day and then some, if not two days.


how can we get one? a friend in US who is willing to help? or what about the virtual post company, anyone can recommend any good virtual post company?

Daniel Tyson

I’ve used ComGateway previously – they also offer a service to acutally buy it and ship it to you


Shipito is pretty good.


Anyone has used vpost or priceusa?

geoff fieldew

Good thing I told wifey that I’d get her a Moto 360 for Christmas. Let’s see if Motorola can get it launched in Australia by then.

Adrian Mace

This watch is getting more and more crap the more I read about it.

It’s great! It’s awesome!
It’s got a flat-tyre look compared to the G Watch R, okay!
It’s LCD display which means terrible blacks and bad battery life, cool!
It defaults to screen off mode and still only just manages a full day on charge.. okay.
It’s not available in Australia on launch and probably comes with a price increase.

Yeah, I’m just going to keep my pebble.

Avon Perera

Unfortunately I think I have to agree with you. I’ve been holding onto my money for a 360… but the battery life thing is an absolute killer. That, and I’m still not too fond of a TI OMAP… the support is a worry.

Guess I’ll keep using my Pebble until something better comes along. It may not look as flash, but having to recharge a watch once a day was unacceptable to me… having to recharge it TWICE is downright ludicrous.

Juan Mackie

Battery Life seems to be less than 12hrs or so , i might just wait until more people test it out !


I’ve heard 14hrs… I think we should honestly wait for more reviews before we clean our pitchforks.


Ambient light sensor?