It’s starting – as Motorola‘s product launch looms ever closer, is transforming and adding the new products.

Check out the pages for the new Moto X, new Moto G and the company’s new Moto Hint Bluetooth earpiece. There’s also a Moto 360 Mini-site.

Pricing? Well, the new Moto G has a price tag of US $179.99 and looks like it’ll be available in the next few hours. The Moto Hint has $149.99 price tag and a “coming soon” tag and the new Moto X only has a cryptic “Coming soon” tag.

The Moto 360 seems to be going on sale today in the USA:

Thankfully, there’s not a single “X+1” to be seen, although Motorola has seen fit to include what’s presumably a reference to “Flying High”.