As we continue to wait for official information about the launch of the Motorola‘s Moto 360, there’s some new promotional videos doing the rounds asking you to “Choose Moto 360” and “Choose Moto Hint”.

First, the Moto 360. The video – below – does a neat 360-degree pan around a setting showing the evolution of the Moto 360 from design through manufacturing. It’s a simplified view, sure – but it’s good enough for consumers and it gets the message across. The main takeaways from the video are the scratch resistant glass and genuine leather band. Nothing new there, but it’s nice to see it coming to fruition at long last.

Along with that video, a video for the the Moto Hint has appeared showing it to be a small bluetooth earpiece that extends Motorola’s well-regarded “Touchless Control” voice control capability from the Moto X into a hands-free experience.

Judging by the video, you no longer need to have your phone nearby and can now activate the voice control with “Okay Moto” – a much better voice prompt than “Okay Google Now” if you ask us. Given that “Moto” specific aspect, it seems likely that the Moto Hint is designed only to work with Motorola’s products.

We’ll publish more information as soon as we get it.

Update, 3.35pm That was fast. CNET has the low-down on the Moto Hint. It’s basically a Bluetooth earpiece, and it comes with a charging case that’s said to charge the earpiece’s battery about 3 times. It’ll also apparently detect when it’s in your ear via an IR sensor. A number of different colours/finishes will be available.

We’ve no idea if the Moto Hint is Australia-bound. It’s worth remembering that the Moto Stream hasn’t made it to our shores yet, but as this is more directly related to a phone it’s more likely. We’ll be following up with Motorola.

Update, 3.50pm The Moto Hint is live at US $149. Head on over for the full specs.

What do you think of the videos? Are you interested in the Moto Hint? (We know you’re interested in the Moto 360 already, guys…).

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Mahmoud Baghdadi

When will the Moto 360 be available in Australia???

Onel Benjamin

Omg, Can I buy the Moto 360 ALREADY!