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Google kicked off the Android Wear launch at Google I/O, announcing the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch as the first pieces of hardware running their wearable version of the OS. Since that initial launch we’ve seen a couple of small updates to the devices, but over night, Google has outlined some upcoming updates which will be headed out to all Android Wear devices, both current and future.

The updates include a couple of features which Sony outlined in the release of their Android Wear running SmartWatch 3 at IFA, namely that they will be bringing GPS Support and offline music playback via Bluetooth headphones to Android Wear:

First, we’re bringing offline music playback and GPS support to Android Wear. Go for a run or bike ride with your Android wearable and leave your phone at home. You’ll be able to listen to music stored on your watch via Bluetooth headphones. And if your watch includes a GPS sensor, you can track your distance and speed too.

Next, will be something which Google promised in July – support for downloadable watch faces.

The second update will enable downloadable watch faces, so you can customize the visual design of your watch’s home screen to show the information you want to see most—like your calendar or fitness sensors. Developers will soon be working on watch faces, making them available on Google Play.

So, when will we see these updates? During their Twitter Q&A, Google previously advised that they would be updating all Android Wear watches themselves. With the next major update to Android Wear, Google advised that the update would be coming ‘as soon as they’re ready in the coming months’. When that would be has been tentatively suggested by Android Police, as being October 15th, but we’ll soon find out.

With new functionality coming, this could factor into which Android Wear watch people are looking at and what hardware will be available. Which Android Wear watch are you buying?

Source: Google Blog.
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    I’ve always liked the look of the Gear Live but I don’t want to shell out one until I’ve had a chance to try it on. Does anyone know where I can try one in Perth?


    Woah I love that idea for GPS fitness apps and music. No need to take phone when walking or running etc. Awesome!