HTC SmartWatch
When Google announced Android Wear back in March, HTC was named as one of the OEMs who would be producing hardware for Android Wear when it was made public. They even teased a watch in a behind-the-scenes video (which they later denied was the watch), but apparently, they’ve decided to pull out of launching an Android Wear watch.

According to Pocket Lint, sources familiar with the matter have advised that HTC has abandoned plans for a smartwatch, at least for the time being. According to the source, rising costs and the popularity of Android Wear watches like the Moto 360, as well as the number of new Android Wear devices announced at IFA alone, such as the Asus ZenWatch, LG G Watch R and Sony SmartWatch 3, were apparently cause for concern and HTC backing out.

The HTC Android Wear watch was apparently based on the Qualcomm Toq, a smartwatch with a Mirasol display – a colour e-ink technology which allowed for better battery life. But even with a reference platform like Toq, it’s apparently not been enough to save the HTC device.

The HTC Smartwatch was due for release later this year. HTC themselves have not had anything to say on the matter and at this stage, the last ‘official’ announcement was the March announcement by Google of HTC as an Android Wear partner, so we’ll keep this report in the rumour file until HTC has something to say.

Source: Pocket Lint.
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There’s alot of watches announced now. Second rate wont be good enough. Sony’s meh Smartwatch 3 is a clear example. The market isn’t that big, and you have to make something special to get decent sales.