After teasing us earlier this week, Aussie developer Chris Lacy has this morning released his latest app – Home Tube, a third-party YouTube player designed specifically for use by kids.

Chris has a child himself and after letting his child use his Android devices, he found his YouTube suggestions being a little skewed by the choices his child was making – that is unless he’s developed a love for Dora the Explorer repeats. So, Chris created Home Tube, it’s a YouTube player, as well as a Launcher that you can set and then hand off to your child, safe in the knowledge that they will only be accessing ‘kid friendly’ content from YouTube.


The content suggested, is pre-set from a list of Chris’s suggestions, but it’s customisable so you can add or remove categories that your child may or may not be interested in – remove Curious George and Diggers for Children, but add Octonauts and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. Once you’ve set up the categories, your child can then just select the video they want and they’re good to go.


Quite frankly, we’re getting a little worried about Chris Lacy, he’s released three apps – Link Bubble, Tap Path and Home Tube – this year, as well as a major update to Action Launcher and the year isn’t over, but we love his work, so keep it up sir. Home Tube is free to try, but if you want to customise the categories, a small in-app purchase of $1 is required. It’s a great idea if you often hand your phone over to your kids, so check it out now on Google Play.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Google Play.