With the launch of the Moto 360 yesterday, a number of people haven’t let the US only availability stop them, ordering the Moto 360 from Motorola or other sources overnight. But, it seems the stock is in limited supply with Motorola advising that their stocks are now depleted.

Motorola advise you to keep checking their product page to see if stock has been replenished. There’s also a ‘Notify Me’ button on the website to let you enter your email address so they can notify you as stock of your selected Moto 360 (Black or Grey) comes back.

There’s been some hiccoughs for people trying to order outside the US, with Motorola apparently checking the source of some credit cards when ordering, meaning credit cards with non-US addresses are being declined. At this stage, the best way to get a Moto 360 would possibly be ordering through the Shipito or ComGateway purchasing programs, or place an order with Yatango, who we reported are currently taking pre-orders.

Selling out this early probably shows why Motorola decided against a world-wide initial launch, or indicative of just how popular the watch is.

Did you manage to order a Moto 360 from the US, or did you order from Yatango?

Source: Motorola.
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Lucas Buchanan

Given the shortages, I would be very weary ordering from Yatango (formerly mobicity), as they are a drop shipping company and it’s unlikely they have received any of the initial stock