Just in case you are under-whelmed by the current offerings in the smartwatch category there is another brand about to hit the market. At Recode’s Code Media event, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that Intel was teaming up with Fossil to make an Android wearable, which we will assume will be a smartwatch considering where Fossil’s expertise lie.

Intel have been teaming up with other companies to partner in making devices lately, a sign that they are aware of their limitations and are sticking to their strengths. Intel are already teaming up with another company to make heart beat tracking headphones, another sign that this partnership is something that may just build something exceptional.

Intel gave the following statement to The Next Web:

Smart fashion is a long-term strategy for Intel. We live in a world in which consumers want access to data 24×7 and the most logical way to deliver a seamless experience is to integrate this into accessories/clothing. Fashion is an important factor in driving acceptance of wearable technologies. Fossil and Intel’s strategic relationship is about delivering on the vision that for a person to wear technology, it must look good.

At this stage I am happy with my Moto 360 but after looking through the Fossil website I cannot wait to see what they can come up with. Makes you wonder why Motorola, LG, Samsung etc thought they could just get straight into manufacturing watches. Maybe they should have enlisted the help of a dedicated watch maker to help style their offerings?

Anyone else interested in a smartwatch from Fossil/Intel? DO you think it might be best for us all to sit on the sidelines waiting for the dust to settle and see what evolves from this early flurry of Android Wear Smartwatches?

Source: The Next Web.
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I want to know what the hell Intel are doing with BASIS…

Sujay Vilash

But at what price?


would mind this at all as fossil knows how to match watches and intel knows the technology. I’m not really keen on the current Android Wear/Pebble Watch offerings.