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Optus has kicked off Fathers Day with a new offer to try and tempt more Australian mobile users to say ‘Yes’ to Optus.

Following in the footsteps of US based carrier T-Mobile, with their ‘U-Carrier’ initiative, Optus has today announced that they are offering cash and discounts to customers who wish to transfer to the Optus network. Users who bring their number from a competing carrier and sign-up to a 24 Month My Plan Plus contract, will be offered up to $250 trade-in for their existing mobile phone, as well as up to $200 towards paying early termination fees on their existing contract.

The offer of up to $250 trade-in value on phones is fairly generous, but the offer per device is obviously based on the condition of hte handset. Customers will be able to check the value of their current handset on the Optus Trade-in website – the same website they used when they introduced their trade-in program last year. The website still seems to be offering up to $350 for phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, so it’s not clear if there’s a cap for the offer.

Optus Trade-In

Customers needing to be re-imbursed for early exit fees from their existing carrier, will need to claim their $200 credit within 21 days of joining Optus. The offer is aimed at individual users as well as Small to Medium Businesses, offering the $200 credit for up to five mobile services per person.

Existing customers can also enjoy some benefits as well. Optus first off would like to thank you for your custom, and are offering customers within the last 3 months of their contract an early upgrade. Optus will waive their early cancellation fees and offer the same trade-in option of up to $250 for their old handset. Although anecdotally many customers will tell you they have been offered this 3 month early update in the past.

For higher-end users, Optus has also updated their data plans for the $80 and $100 My Plan Plus plans. Customers on the $80 My Plan Plus will now get 5GB of data (up from 3GB), while customers signing up to the $100 My Plan Plus will get 8GB of data (up from 5GB). It’s not massive, but with mobile data, you take what you can get.

It’s not a bad offer for customers interested in coming to Optus, although the incentive for existing customers could be better given they have historically offered existing customers a three month early update. If you’re interested in learning about the Optus Switch offer, you can head over to the Optus Switch website. If you’re interested in checking out the plans, you can see them all over on the Optus My Plans website.

Source: Optus Switch.
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more towers, better coverage, more towers, better coverage; you get the idea, and then you won’t have to bribe me!

Chris Rowe

Mazuma will give me more cash for nexus 4.


Great offer. If only reception was as good as Telstra…