During a dynamic presentation at IFA 2014, Graham Long from Samsung UK has announced a new range of Android running, multi-function printers with a built-in 10.1 inch touch screen which should be available worldwide next month.

The Samsung Smart MultiXpress machines feature a touch screen that enables users to search and print from web browsers, emails, maps, images and other content without needing to connect to a PC or server. You can also preview and edit documents along with annotating capabilities.

There will be ten models of MultiXpress printers released across four categories with one colour series: the X4300 A3 MFP series, as well as three monocrome series: the M5370 series of A4 monochrome MFPs, M4580 series of A4 monochrome MFPs and the K4350 A3 monochrome MFP series.

At an informal reception that followed the launch, Hyesung Ha, Vice President Product Strategy Group at Samsung explained some of the process the project team went through in developing the new device:

“We wanted to provide a product that will offer real benefits to the way people work and learn. For example, in our research we saw how with these printers a teacher could use the printer to surf the web, find a text in another language, translate it, and then use OCR to convert to an editable document. They can then print this or share it by email straight from the printer.” 

The VP also added, “They are truly multi-tasking machines” and device agnostic so whatever mobile devices your workforce brings to the office they can work seamlessly and efficiently with Smart MultiXpress.

We’ve asked Samsung Australia about Australian availability and pricing, but with the size, you could expect them to be limited to a corporate or business environment, so don’t expect to see them in your local Officeworks any time soon.

Samsung Australia has advised that we will indeed be seeing the Samsung MultiXpress printers in Australia, advising :

Samsung Electronics Australia can confirm that the Smart MultiXpress range of printers will be launching in Australia later this year. We will confirm local pricing and availability for each product closer to the on-sale date.

NOTE: This post was accidentally released without the fact that these printers are all running Android – This has been amended in the body of the post.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow.
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Yet another pointless business oriented ad for something with little or no relevance to Android


Not actually an ad.


but it comes across as such it is not relevant to android that we know of. You don’t report on other products like MS Surface or Apple products so why start randomly talking about printers ? I agree with Jeni, it comes across as an advertisement, recently you had a marked advertisement for Konica Minolta proximity printing so how is this different ? I chose not to comment on it but to pass it off as advertising, not worry about it however it has lowered my opinion slightly to the work you are doing.

Daniel Tyson

Chris – I have updated this post to reflect the fact that these printers RUN ANDROID. Therefore Quite relevant to an Android based site. The release of the post without this information was accidental and an oversight, but again, we choose content which is relevant to Android reader – Have a little faith 😉


Thanks very much for updating the article, Dan. 🙂
When I was complaining about it, there was no reference to Android in tthe article. To me, at the time, it felt very much like the Konica-Minolta ad from last week.


It might look like an advertisement, but as Dan said, it isn’t one. We clearly mark our advertisements and we don’t engage in underhand tactics with ads. Never have, won’t ever. Unless something was tangentially related to Android, Google or Chrome, chances are it wouldn’t be published here.