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Samsung had a number of announcements at IFA 2014, but the Gear VR headset seems to be quite a polarising product. Android, and Samsung fans either love it, or hate it. Either way, a Samsung spokesperson has let slip the pricing overnight, so you can start saving your pennies.

While no release date was mentioned, a Samsung spokesperson has told VentureBeat, that the headset will cost US$199. This is obviously not counting the cost of the Galaxy Note 4 which the headset has been optimised for.

The Gear VR, features hardware built by Samsung, but a software experience which is the result of a partnership with one of the ‘Big’ names in VR headsets: Oculus – makers of the Oculus Rift, which was purchased by Facebook earlier this year. The Gear VR will offer consumers the opportunity to watch movies, or experience virtual experiences such as viewing an on-stage performance or of course kicking back with an immersive gaming experience.

The Gear VR, as well as the Note 4 handset that powers it, will be hitting Australian shores ‘later this year’ according to Samsung Australia. We expect pricing and availability closer to launch, as well as more information on exactly which phones, in addition to the Note 4, the Gear VR will support.

If you’re really keen to see how well Virtual Reality using a smartphone can be, you can of course pick up Google Cardboard in the interim for under $10 from a variety of retailers or eBay. It’s an interesting experience with a number of different software options out there, hardware wise, the Gear VR may be a lot more comfortable than a pieced together headset but it’s a good way to experience VR on the cheap.

Are you interested in the Gear VR?

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Darren Ferguson

Anyone seen cardboard for a decent price AND decent shipping? Would love to try it out.

Darren Ferguson

Apologies. Had a quick squiz at the link above on my phone and it looked similar to another one I had looked into which ended up at $40+ with shipping.

I’ll be getting one of these to finally try it out. Thanks!


Samsung must have been spitting blood when Cardboard turned up at I/O. Their headset does roughly what Cardboard does, but the idea that they can charge $199 as opposed to $10 is pretty laughable. This kind of a thing: a few bits of plastic; some lens; a headband – could be sold for $40-$50, but would need to be compatible with a wider range of hardware than just ONE phone. Yes these VR developments have a place, both in games (3D + “he’s behind you”) and in immersion in other fields – but as the Wear lot are about to… Read more »


Don’t know why it does cost $200… Cardboard proved that the phone as the screen and brain do 99% of the work anyway. No doubt this headset works better, but 40 or 50 times better?