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Sony has announced a followup to the QX lens-style cameras from 2013 that looked to add DSLR-esque high-resolution photography to any smartphone. This year at IFA 2014, they’ve come up with the QX1, a lens mount sporting a 20.1 megapixel APS-C image sensor, an E-series mounting bracket, a flash module and all the other things you need to take and store photos and the QX30, a proper successor to last year’s QX10.

As with the QX10 and QX100, both rely on a wireless connection to your smartphone and again use the Sony PlayMemories App for control and shooting. This new version is now compatible with all Sony’s E-series lenses and can access A-series lenses with another adaptor.

Take a look at the video below for a closer look:


“The QX1 system connects to your phone via WiFi Direct, and records images and video either directly to its own MicroSD/Memory Stick Micro media or to the phone’s storage. It’s self-powered by a rechargeable and removable battery. Photo buffs will be happy to hear that the QX1 uses the same 23.2×15.4mm Exmor sensor as seen on Sony’s full-sized Alpha a5000 camera, and features a pop-up flash module.”

The QX1 mount (no lens included) is now available for pre-order from Sony USA for $399.99 USD and is expected to ship on 9th October.

Along with the QX1, Sony also announced the QX30, a combined lens-sensor gadget in the same category as the previous QX10 and QX100. This model features a 21MP sensor along with a 30x optical zoom lens (4.3mm-129mm) with F-stop values between 3.5 and 6.3.


The QX30 is also available for pre-order from Sony USA for $349.99USD and will also ship on October 9.

Update, Sep 8 We’ve been told that these products won’t be coming to Australia, so if you’re after them you’ll have import. Boo!

Have you been using Sony’s QX lenses? Are you interested in the new QX1 or QX30? What photography accessories would you like to use with your phone? Let us know in the comments!

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Chris Watson

Tempting but a bit pricey. Around the $200 for something like the QX30 would get me and probably others keen to try them out.

Iain Simmons


Right now I’m using the original Samsung Galaxy Camera for my point and shoot, which would take up a similar amount of room to the QX30, and offer a similar experience.

I got it for just over $300, slightly used when they were retailing for $600. It also functions as a backup ‘tablet’/phone without call functionality.

I don’t think the QX1 would be good for anyone who isn’t already invested in Sony’s alpha system…