Last week, a few outlets in the US cottoned onto the story of Joshua D, who posted on Google+ (in a post that is no longer on-line) about having his Nexus 5 replaced by the Google Play support team after smashing it. The Google Play team member he spoke to also advised that Google had implemented a one-time replacement policy for Nexus 5 phones. So is this something we can all take advantage of?

In a word No. It seems that even in the US, there are varying reports on how effective this is, with Droid-Life updating their post to advised their readers were experiencing ‘varying levels of success initiating the replacement process’. Our own Ausdroid reader Brad, took the initiative and called Google Play Support in Australia and found that he was not able to access the replacement program in Australia. This has been confirmed with Google Australia, who advised :

This special exception is available in the U.S. only at this time.

So, no. You can’t get your Nexus 5 replaced on a one-time swap unfortunately, at least here in Australia. If you’re in the US, you will most likely have better luck,

Source: +JoshuaD.
Via: Droid-life.
Thanks: Brad.
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Actually I got a replacement phone too in Sydney. Not condoning any discrimination just sharing my experience. In fact I was interested in finding a repair centre but they offered to replace the phone instead.

Joshua Hill

Very poor service by Google. This is by definition discrimination, if you’re from the USA you may be eligible if you’re from Australia Google will discriminate against you and you will not be eligible.

This should be for all nations where Nexus devices are sold or for none.

If you google discriminate this is the definition returned 1. recognize a distinction; differentiate.

Darren Ferguson

I’ve been very impressed with them lately. Had a faulty GPS module in my phone. Called up and talked to a real person very quickly who was really nice. After some troubleshooting via email they sent me a replacement and details to get a courier to pick up my old phone. Was able to have both for a week to change over at no cost to me (they do put a hold on your cc though). Best customer service I’ve experienced in a long time.

Joshua Hill

So are you saying you condone their discrimination?

Darren Ferguson

Yes completely. Although the US government not giving me social security is discrimination that I’m not happy with. Huge discrimination against Australian citizens.

Joshua Hill

By definition it’s discrimination. Not huge or small just plain and simple discrimination. Your inability to understand the definition of discrimination even when it’s provided doesn’t change that.

If you’re not a USA citizen then your comparison is inept! It appears you have no desire to discuss this sensibly so have a good night.

Dean Reading

Discrimination by its definition is absolutely everywhere – although the term is mostly used in very negative, unjustified cases of discrimination.
The world is discriminatory, you’re going to have to learn to live with it.

Joshua Hill

Completely agree accept I’ve already mostly learnt to live with it. Thanks for the un-needed life advice though :p

Dean Reading

It’s unfortunate and annoying that they aren’t offering the same service to us Aussies, and I do agree that we should let Google know that we want the same level of service.
I was just saying that things like that are common, and we can’t always expect to have the same offerings.

Joshua Hill

Would you say offering one favourable after sales service model for USA citizens and a different less favourable one for non USA citizens is justified or not negative?

Even with the common socially applied connotations I would have said this was still discrimination. Not some airy-fairy only strictly according to the definition form of discrimination.

For the record there are many forms of what I consider worse discrimination but that doesn’t mean that we as users of Google products and services shouldn’t tell Google we don’t like them discriminating against us.


I completely mis-understood the title of this artcle… I thought it was saying the replacement for the Nexus 5 was only going to be sold in America!!! I nearly cried!!!