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After Optus began offering incentives to customers who switch over to their network last Sunday, we’ve seen Telstra join in, and now Virgin Mobile has announced that they too will be offering incentives to customers who switch over to the Virgin Mobile network.

Virgin Mobile has announced that from Friday the 12th of September in-store or the 13th on-line, until the 19th of October, all new customers who sign up on a 24 month plan with Virgin Mobile will be allocated an additional 2GB of Data per month to their plan. Not forgetting their existing customer base either, Virgin is extending this offer to all existing customers who upgrade.

Note, you will have to pay any early termination fees to your existing carrier yourself, if you incur them by switching to Virgin Mobile before your plan is up – Virgin Mobile isn’t offering to pay that, simply offering more data per month than they normally would.

The offer is pretty generous, especially with data caps a touchy subject these days. Virgin Mobile has always been pretty generous with their data inclusions on their plans, but this is not bad. We’re still waiting to see if Vodafone will join the incentive party, but at least right now you have some decent incentives from three larger carriers.

Is this enough to make you switch to Virgin Mobile?

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    Caleb Johns

    Haha I’m happy with my 5GB with Amaysim thanks. 🙂


    Not good enough really and why I switched to Vaya when my contract ended. I had a bonus 2GB for the life of my plan last time but Vaya is just too good to pass up at the moment.


    I will stick with Vaya, still optus and 17 a month for more than enough in calls and 1.5 gb data and 4g which is plenty for me. I can add more data to that to make a bigger cap and still pay a lot less. Still it is good to see these offers to be aware of what is available.


    Oh no, I’ve just switched to Virgin two weeks ago!

    Iain Simmons

    Virgin pride themselves on having supposedly the best customer service for carriers in Oz, so I think if you called and asked if you could get in on the deal, they might be willing to do so.