HTC Lock Screen
HTC has been slowly adding their Sense apps to Google Play over the last six months, starting with Blinkfeed just prior to the launch of the HTC One M8 back in March. Now HTC has spun off their lockscreen to Google Play launching it as an update to existing Sense 6 devices.

There’s not much to see here in the way of description, HTC simply says of their app:

Swipe right to BlinkFeed, swipe left to Widget Home and swipe up to previously used app. Frequently-used information such as notifications, clock and weather are also available on lock screen. No need to unlock and type in password every time for these applications.

Quite simply, this separating of Apps from Sense allows HTC to update their core components without having to go through the carrier approval process for updates, which if updated through the OS, is required.

If you’re on a HTC phone with Sense 6, you should see an update for the app in Google Play, let us know if you find any differences in there.

Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Police.
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Does the sense 6 lock screen allow for a different looking daydream look?