HTC SmartWatch
Will they? Won’t they? After a report last week citing ‘sources familiar with the matter’, who claimed that HTC’s plans for a smartwatch had been dropped, a new report which claims new information from ‘people familiar with the matter’ says the watch is in development and will be launched next year.

The report from CNet, claims that the HTC built smartwatch will feature design stylings which HTC is famous for, as well as ‘features that consumers will more immediately gravitate toward’. This despite previous claims that HTC was hesitant to enter a packed market which saw three new smartwatches launched just last week.

The report from CNet, also confirmed that the Double Exposure event set for October 8th in New York next month will not be for the smartwatch. Instead, HTC is planning on launching the watch at an undisclosed date next year, in contrast to earlier plans to launch their watch by Christmas this year.

A HTC Smartwatch would be a good, possibly very stylish, addition to the already growing range of Android Wear devices. We can’t wait to see what HTC can do, can you?

Source: CNet.