The recent KGW42N update for Android Wear is now hitting the LG G Watch as KGW42Q. The improvements to the alarm and navigation functions have been documented, but the update also includes three new watch faces for the LG G Watch, and they’re not bad.

The G Watch shipped with 24 Android Wear watch faces, none of which was terribly spectacular, but after the update, three new ones are actually looking pretty good. Named Sporty, Chic and Classic, the watch faces are analogue based, with a second hand movement ticking around. There’s a date on each one, with a three letter descriptor. The Sporty face also includes an AM/PM indicator.

The three watch faces would look great on the G Watch R, in fact the Classic face was shown off on the G Watch R renders when LG announced it. With almost identical internals, the existence of these watch faces indicates it’s most likely the same firmware on both watches.

The update is hitting G Watches all over the world right now, hold tight and you should be seeing yours shortly.