Samsung has of late been quite proactive at poking the lawyers bear with advertising that’s clearly aimed at Apple, the iPhone and users of ageing Apple devices. Their latest batch of adverts take a direct swipe at the new iPhone 6 before it’s even released to the public, taking aim at the apparent oversights and slow development of the iPhone rather than the stronger features of Samsung’s own devices.

Much like the amusing comparisons between the iPhone 6 and 2-generation old Nexus phones, the adverts seek to convince the viewer that Samsung – the main name associated with “Android” by a large number of consumers – has had these functions for years, taking pot shots at everything from the Live Stream that was not exactly stable (due to the volume of users attempting to tune in live around the world), right up to the larger screen on the new iPhone 6 Plus model. The ads also highlight the lack of input device (S Pen) and multi-tasking features.

For our money, it’s a somewhat unfair and incomplete comparison – like this one:
… but then it is a full-blown PR war out there, people. Tread carefully.

Has Samsung gone too far, or are they playing Apple’s own PR game? Anyone remember “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC”? Tell us what you think of the ads in the comments – even you, yes you, iPhone owner…

Source: Samsung Mobile YouTube.
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At least they’ve got the balls to take it to Apple. More I say, don’t let Apple have their (self I important, smug) voice be the only one heard.


This is starting to get a bit lame…

Darren Ferguson

I found these ads to be just lame and not funny. I much prefer the guys waiting in line. That was very clever.

Chris Rowe

The nexus 4 comparison rules


I just hope they don’t end up with egg on their face.


If anything they are restrained – although Samsung can’t exactly make the best case.

Someone needs an add with the tag “How Much !!??!!!”

Phil Tann

Maybe that’s one for Cyanogen to do with the Oneplus One? 😉

Lucas Buchanan

They made me laugh. Job well done?