Chromecast from VIdeo Play on ChromeOS
ChromeOS is moving forward with Chromecast support, with the Chromium team adding Chromecast support for movies stored in Google Drive and played on the VideoPlayer App in the latest Dev update in ChromeOS.

To play the files, open the Files App, go to the Drive section and play the movie, a Chromecast icon should now appear and you can select the Chromecast of your choice – provided you’re on the same network, as usual. If you’re not seeing the icon, ensure you have the Google Cast Extension installed from the Chrome Web Store.

The Chromium team is welcoming feedback, well, bug reports, so if you find something a little ‘off’, report it through the Chromium Bug Tracker. While this is currently only in the Dev channel, if nothing goes awry, then with the usual Chrome development cycle, you should see this in Beta in around 6 weeks, and stable in 12. If you’ve ever wondered what to use the 100GB of Google Drive storage included with a Chromebook, then here’s something you can do with it.

Source: +Francois Beaufort.