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HTC has had a few financial issues of late, the company has been doing better in their last couple of financial calls, but they’re apparently looking stabilise their financials by entering a new market, offering ruggedised, small form factor cameras according to a new report.

Bloomberg is reporting that according to a source, HTC will release a waterproof camera aimed at extreme sports participants. The camera will feature a tube shaped body, with an ultra wide-angle lens atop a 16MP sensor. Connections to phones would be via Bluetooth or Wifi, which the camera will include.

Chasing both the Android market they are most well known for, as well as new territory, the phone will connect to Android and iOS devices. The camera would most likely connect to a HTC made app to be released to Google Play and the iOS App store.

This dual approach to appeal to both iOS, as well as Android users would, if it works allow them to tap into another revenue stream, although taking on GoPro is a large ask. According to Bloomberg’s source, we’ll see this camera, as well as a new smartphone aimed at taking ‘Selfies’ at the October 8th ‘Double Exposure’ event in New York.

Would you buy a HTC made rugged camera?

Source: Bloomberg.
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I would tell HTC not to worry about developing a “selfie” phone. I reckon it will be a passing phase. Just work on the front camera for your next premium phone.


Trying to crack the teen market with “trendy” phones. Definitely skip the selfie phone and stablise their core offering with superior offerings are ground-shaking prices.


I’d buy one if the price was right.
Anything rather than the exorbitant prices gopro charge for their gear.